Enjoy Bruges on wheels
The "Venice of the North" has similar issues, when it comes to accessibility, to the "original Venice": cobbled pavements, lots of historic buildings and bridges. But with some locals' tips and tricks, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday. And not miss on the chocolate and beer - especially.
Hi, I'm Eleonora from Brussels. Visiting Bruges is easy for me, just an hour by train. In June 2024, I spent a day in this charming city with my friend Erik (you'll spot him in the photos with a green shirt and eyes) on a tour organized by Inter Vlaanderen, the Flemish region's disability and accessibility organization.

We explored Bruges' initiatives to facilitate wheelchair access. We met Tim from Bruges, who works for Inter, and along the way, we connected with Emmanuel, a local YouTuber showcasing the city from a wheelchair perspective, and Janae, an American architect specializing in mobility. This guide is the result of that day out, and some more research and tips from Tim, Erik and Emmanuel. Thanks guys!
First things first: Planning
The best way to plan your visit is to download the Accessible Bruges guide, created by the city of Bruges.
Here you will find all the information on the accessible and not-so accessible places, and maps. Save the maps especially, and bring them with you.
The maps contain the itineraries that allow you to visit the Bruges landmarks and avoid the worst cobblestone streets and the bridges.
It also includes the locations of all the accessible toilets - and is available in many languages!


Bruges by WheelsPOV
Wondering what wheeling in Bruges is like? Preview your itinerary with Emmanuel's videos (aka WheelsPOV on YouTube).
Museums in Bruges by wheelchair
WheelPOV is the YouTube channel of Emmanuel, a Bruges local who loves to show people how to move about by wheelchair in his city.
Bruges by wheelchair
The full tour of the city from the wheelchair Point of View: enjoy!
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Hidden spots

Erik's tips on Bruges

Great view of Bruges: head up to the terrace and café of the ConcertHall of Bruges! All the venue is wheelchair accessible - if you love music - you should also book a concert.

For Chocolate: definitively search for the Chocolate Line. Ring, and someone comes right away with a portable ramp to let you into chocolate paradise.

Hidden pearl: the Jerusalem Chapel and the Adornes Estate, a medieval church and private home (with partial access, so check here for some info on the accessibility)

Toilets, toilets, toilets
You can mostly forget about using toilets in restaurants or cafés: so this is another thing that needs some pre-planning. Most toilets in Belgium's restaurants and bars are not accessible for wheelchair users, either they are on top or at the bottom of a flight of stairs, or they are super small - and not accessible in any way. So save the spots of the accessible toilets in your planning, and here are some images we got recently on a "selection" of toilets for you.
The first toilet you come across, if you are coming from the station is near the Minnewater, so you can't miss it. It is paying (1 Euro) and always clean - it is not super spacious though.
At the Rebel Garden Museum there is another accessible bathroom, a bit more spacious, and then there is one in the tourist office in the Concertgebouw building.
For that one, enquire at the welcome desk of the tourist office and they will open it for you. Not huge either.
In the Province building, straight in the Markt square, there is an adult changing place, but the hoist does not come with the harness, so you should have your own. But it is the biggest accessible toilet we've seen in Bruges.
Find more toilets in the Accessible Bruges guide!
The entrance of the accessible paying toilet
The toilet seat with grab bars
The sink with the mirror
The toilet with double grab bar at the Rebel Garden Museum
The toilet at the tourist office of the ConcertGebouw
Head to the Provincial Hof on the Main Markt Square for a changing place
Bring your own harness if you need to use the hoist
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 18:00
This guide contains some of our tips and favourite places in Bruges. What about you? Have you been there? What were your favourite spots? Use the form below to share with us a comment with your favorite places or experiences - or cobblestone survival strategies!